Self Reliance vs. The Need to Serve

It was an interesting Elders Quorum discussion yesterday.?Ǭ† We had the chapter in the book on self reliance (chapter 11 I believe).?Ǭ† What I particularly liked about it was that we actually had a class discussion where different members of the quorum were talking?Ǭ†and asking questions to each other, not asking and answering me.

?Ǭ†When I presented the lesson, I took a pretty firm stance on the whole Self, Family, Church order of taking care of one’s needs.?Ǭ† A few in the class disagreed with that position.?Ǭ† I was actually happy that someone cared enough to want to discuss it in a non-confrontational way.?Ǭ† It was good.

?Ǭ†It still leaves me wondering where the need to serve outweighs the need to be self reliant.

Serving Others, Loving Jesus

A very popular scripture in the Church (and perhaps even general Christianity) is John 14:15.

If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Perhaps one reason it is so popular is because it is so easy to understand. Of course, the way it is written it is an easy target for guilt-inducing leadership. I digress though.

The other day I was sharing this passage with our children at one of our supper scripture sessions, and noticed a footnote I had written in at some earlier time. It pointed to D&C 42:29:

If thou lovest me thou shalt serve me and keep all my commandments.

I found the extra expounding interesting: firstly, because serving and commandment keeping were made distinct, and secondly, because there’s more to loving Jesus than keeping the commandments. Or rather that showing our love for him is more than just keeping the commandments.

Almost immediately after sharing this scripture with the children, Mosiah 2:17 came to mind:

[When] ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

So not only is serving God a sign of our love for Him, but more importantly so is our serving others.

Drunk Service

Two drunk men came into our sacrament meeting today and sat down at the back of the chapel. The bishopric asked me and my counsellor to keep an eye on them and escort them if they become disruptive. True to form, disruption occurred, and we escorted them out.

Then we came back and listened to a sermon on service.

Service Lessons

One of the most boring and/or predictable topics for sacrament talks or Sunday school/priesthood/Relief Society lessons is “service”. Often , the idea behind the message is that service brings one closer to Jesus or makes one humble or helps us develop love for our neighbours.

Surely there must be more unique, more insightful ways to present the topic of service in order to help others think about it more.