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Humiliez-vous et persévérez dans la prière vers lui.

I was reading my French copy if the Book of Mormon tonight. I’m in Alma 34, and as soon as I had read verse 19, I stopped for a moment:

Oui, humiliez-vous et persévérez dans la prière vers lui.

I’m not sure why, but that verse touched me. Every once in a while, a verse will jump out at me in French that never had in English. For some reason, this one did for me today.

Maybe it was the use of persévérer instead of continuer, implying that perhaps Amulek intended something more than what we read in the English version. The French translation seems to indicate that not only should we pray, but we must persevere at it.

What makes it more interesting is its pairing with the admonition to be humble, a possible allusion to trials and testing. If that’s the case, then it shows not only that continuing to pray will be difficult, but it will be necessary.


More merciful or more just

We had a couple of baby blessings at church today. For one of the babies, some of the family aren’t members of the church.

As the testimonies went in about families, a question came to mind: will God be more merciful or more just at the final judgement when it comes to families being together forever?

What do you think?

Honesty, according to For The Strength of Youth

In Gospel Doctrine class today, we split into small groups to discuss six principles in For The Strength of Youth. My group were assigned “Honesty and Integrity.”

One thing stuck out to me:

Being honest means choosing not to lie, steal, cheat, or deceive in any way.

Why is honesty defined by what it isn’t? Wouldn’t it be better to teach people what it is, so they can be proactive in living righteously. Defining something by what it isn’t seems to be a sure fire way to teach people to do good by only avoiding the bad.