Church Purging

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While continuing in President Hinckley’s challenge last night, I came across the following passage in Mosiah 26:34?¢‚Ǩ‚Äú36:

And it came to pass that Alma went and judged those that had been taken in iniquity, according to the word of the Lord.

And whosoever repented of their sins and did confess them, them he did number among the people of the church;

And those that would not confess their sins and repent of their iniquity, the same were not numbered among the people of the church, and their names were blotted out.

So why don’t we do this today? Why not purge the church of dead wood? Would we better off? Verse 37 said that as a result of his efforts, Alma saw many people join the church after such purging.

130 thoughts on “Church Purging

  1. Itbugaf – Simple question – What is your profession? What kind of work do you do for money to support your family?

    # 99 – What the heck are you talking about?

  2. Airforce might be a good one – Off to the wild blue yonder. Or it might be Here I am to save the day Mighty Mouse is on the way – Sorry that is a cartoon song, Itbugaf being off in the wild blue yonder would make sense.

  3. Bill, re: #104, I just don’t understand why your clairvoyant powers have left you. If you can tell from such a distance that I’m a fictional, evil, out-of-work, hypercritical, manipulative, twisted, non-Mormon, covert communist and right wing zealot(!) with an inferiority complex, then why can’t you tell what I do?

    (Hint: Since you’ve already said I don’t work, why are you trying to find out what kind of work I do? Think hard, now.)

  4. …and by the way, the Air Force, as far as I know, doesn’t hire any 12-year-olds. (Please see the “Curse of Cain” thread for the latest list of my traits, this time courtesy of Mary.)

    I’m so glad I have both Bill and Mary around to remind me not to make personal attacks. :)

  5. ltbugaf – The reason people are interested in the type of work you do is because your remarks often are meant to be insulting. Does your job (if any) create such hatred towards others? Are you trying to inflate your own ego at the expense of others? The type of work (or non work) a person does often is a reflection of how they see the world. Why will you not admit what you do? You are either EMBARRASSED or it gives you some type of perverted power trip to avoid the answer.

  6. No, I think the reason he keeps it secret is because of saftey concerns. Which is his prerogative of course.

    I am probably far too open on the internet. I suppose over 8 years of being online has made me less cautious. I personally don’t mind people not saying much about themselves, it’s when people misrepresent themselves (lie), pretend to be someone else, that I get my ire up. ltbugaf isn’t doing any of those things however, so in spite of his caustic, mean remarks at times, I still don’t have an issue with him (unless he starts insulting Kim, then I will be irate.)

  7. Bill, why don’t you just add the remarks you made in #111 to the ongoing compilation of brilliant insights you’ve had about exactly who I am and why I comment here.

    (Odd—I had suggested having a “why Ltbugaf is a jerk” thread; I just didn’t know this one would become it.)

  8. I hope everyone will take note of the latest ruling handed down by Bill: Commenters, take note—If you do not all immediately reveal your occupations, you are either (a) embarrased by what you do or (b) on a perverted power trip. Confess now! Avoid the wrath of Bill!

  9. ltbugaf – You sure seem to like to play the world is picking on you.

    I manage an office. Your turn.

  10. Bill—you sure seem to like to play the world is your play thing.

    None of your business. Your turn.

  11. Besides, Bill, I really don’t feel safe commenting until you provide the necessary guidance I asked for in comment 83 on the Curse of Cain thread.

  12. Whats wrong – you can not take it when someone challenges your view of things? Why don’t you be a real man and act like a man? A real man does not try to tear others down. A real man trys to help others.

    Some of your comments are really good but some of them are so immature. Try staying with the good ones, you make good points as long as you don’t try to insult others.

  13. “A real man does not try to tear others down.”

    You’re right. I’ll stop telling people they’re evil to the core, telling them they’re twisted, calling them right-wing zealots, and using ignorant ethnic slurs like “turban-head.”

    (Oh wait…that wasn’t me…who was it again?)

  14. I have an ex-wife that would bring things up from the past that had nothing to do with what we were talking about. Your comments remind me of her wrapped way of interacting with others. She is a Catholic now. I guess that is better than being a turban head.

  15. “I have an ex-wife that would bring things up . . . that had nothing to do with what we were talking about.”

    That sounds awfully familiar, Bill.

  16. So, “turban head” is from the past? Or is it from the present? You’ve got me all confused.

    But I’m glad that you’re so determined to stick to the subject of the thread—which is Church Purging—rather than, say, harassing people for utterly irrelevant information about their occupations.

  17. (Incidentally, Bill, I’ll let you in on a tiny little secret: The Taliban don’t wear turbans. Sikhs do. I don’t expect you to actually stop using your misinformed ethnic slur—while simultaneously accusing others of racism—but I just thought you should be told. Again.)

  18. They also ride mopeds in England.

    I was reading some information about Church History (High Priest Meetings) and the subject of many HP meetings were to ex members or punish them in other ways. It made me realize the church has a long history of purging those who are not perfect. Is there another religion that uses punishment as a means of love? My guess would be JW’s and Amish. Any others?

    Would JW’s and Amish be considered cults?

    Is exing a cult thing?

  19. Ah, back on topic.

    First of all, the Church also has a long history of helping those who are not perfect.

    Second, is excommunication (or disfellowshipment or probation for that matter) a form of punishment? Absolutely?

    I believe Catholics practice excommunication. Are they a cult?

  20. Do other religions/cults excommunicate or disfellowship a person who confesses their sins and seeks forgiveness or is this a mormon only practice?

    Did Catholics start the practice of excommunication? I know the BOM mentions it but it was used for those who would not repent.

  21. The missionary, Kirk Anderson, was kidnapped in 1977 by Joyce McKinney. Mr. Anderson and Ms. McKinney had an ongoing sexual relationship prior to his mission. This is probably why he was interviewed extensively by church leaders. Bill’s version doesn’t really show that part of it thus not exactly creating a lie, but rather a misleading omission.

  22. I used to HT a family and the father was one of the AP’s in his mission when Anderson was kidnapped and I was told that there was no sexual relationship before the rape. She wanted one but that he had rejected her. I also read in the British papers that they had no sexual relationship before the rape. I am interested in learning how you obtained your information?

    If he had a sexual relationship with her and had not confessed it before he left, then he would have been sent home which he was not.

    Does anyone know what happened to Anderson in the past 30 years? Does he still go to Church?

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